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Have you heard about our new fence program? Recently, we began partnering with several local dog rescues.

We appreciate the time, commitment and dedication it takes to rehabilitate, rescue and shelter animals in need.

​As a thank you for adopting and/or supporting your local shelter, we are offering 5% off the purchase of a fence with the value of $2,000.00 or more (not to be combined with other offers).

In support of the local rescue organizations, with each sale of a fence we are donating $50.00 to the shelter. 

Protect your pets (and your kids!) with a secure fence. Fencing enhances the beauty of your property, while creating an outside environment that aids in the relaxation of your pet and provides peace of mind for you.

We offer a variety of styles, materials and expertise to assist you in creating the fencing that suits your needs and budget. When calling to schedule your free estimate, have your promo code available that you receive from the dog rescue. 

Participating dog rescues include:

Home At Last Dog Rescue

Phoenix Animal Rescue

We offer financing through GreenSky to assist in achieving the fencing project of your dreams.

Please contact us to learn more about this program. A new fence can add safety and security to your home, and protect your pets!  

<![CDATA[Wood Fence Maintenance in Autumn]]>Mon, 02 Oct 2017 13:18:57 GMThttp://all-typefence.com/blog/wood-fence-maintenance-in-autumnPicture
Fall is now in full swing as evidenced by the cooler weather we’re experiencing. It’s a beautiful time of year to enjoy being outdoors.

It’s also a great time to tackle outdoor projects and maintenance before winter’s weather hits, including caring for your fence.
If you have a wood fence, there’s work to be done. Winter and spring can be especially hard on wood fences because of rain and snow. Water can damage your fence if you don’t take the time to maintain it in the autumn.

Inspect your fence. Know what issues you have to tackle before you begin repairs. The sooner you repair damage, the easier it is to prevent further damage. Take notice of cracks, splits, knots or evidence of warping because it will need to be fixed as soon as possible.

Don’t let your fence get bogged down under debris. During autumn, you will have both leaves and tree limbs to content with. If you are lucky, it is just leaves but limbs are fairly common as well. Clear off any leaves, twigs and branches that have accumulated on (or against) your fence. The added weight can cause your fence to sag or warp.

Don’t forget to check the fence posts. If there is debris, clear it away from the posts. Try your best to keep the ground around your fence as clear as possible. If you don’t, it increases the chances for moisture to build up around your fence support. If the posts start to rot, you will have a damaged (and possibly leaning) fence.

Make sure your fence is waterproof. Water is the number one threat to any wooden fence. Since there will be a lot of moisture during the winter months, seal and waterproof your fence to prevent mildew and rot from setting in.

It’s worth taking the small amount of time needed each fall to maintain your fence. This will keep it in good shape throughout the winter season!

<![CDATA[Schedule Your Fence Project for Fall]]>Tue, 22 Aug 2017 10:03:50 GMThttp://all-typefence.com/blog/schedule-your-fence-project-for-fallPicture
​Whether you are looking for a decorative fence, or a fence to protect your home or business, fall is a great time to plan your project.
Spring is probably the busiest time for fence installations and other outdoor projects, meaning a longer wait time until your project gets underway. When spring hits, property owners start thinking about warmer temperatures and getting their homes and yards ready to enjoy the summer months.
With so many people planning projects, spring installation schedules fill up fast. This means installation turnaround time can be longer, and you may end up on a waiting list.
Installing your fence in the fall means you are planning your project during a fence company’s slower season as they approach their off-season. Since fall is the start of the off-season for fence installation, this can mean bigger discounts for homeowners.
The price of your fence will of course depend on a number of factors including materials, style and length, but you may save a considerable amount of money (and time) by scheduling a fence project for fall.
The weather also plays a big part in the installation process. In the spring, the ground is damp and concrete used to set fence posts may not set properly. Fence contractors must work according to the weather and there are far fewer rainy and damp days during autumn than in the spring.
As summer winds down, it’s the perfect time to start planning for your new fence. We offer free consultations to get you started on your fall fence project. Please call us for more information at 610-718-1151!

<![CDATA[The SimTek Advantage]]>Tue, 18 Jul 2017 15:55:44 GMThttp://all-typefence.com/blog/the-simtek-advantagePicture
Looking for a different type of fence for your property? SimTek Fence is gaining in popularity with both home owners and businesses.

SimTek Fence has reinvented fence manufacturing with its patented design of rotationally-molded fencing resulting in realistic stone appearance and superior performance. SimTek Ecostone and Ecostone Plus fence systems are made with proprietary Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) blend and is reinforced with galvanized steel in every post and every panel.

SimTek Fence is a good choice for outdoor areas that can be subject to high winds and the elements. SimTek has earned a superior wind rating, withstanding constant hurricane force winds up to 110 mph and 130 mph gusts. It is also durable in varying temperatures, even extremes, and has withstood tests of -40° to 140° F. SimTek products are also fade resistant because all products contain UV12 inhibitors which provide a lifetime of vibrant colors.

If you live on a busy road, SimTek is also a great choice! SimTek Fence makes an excellent sound barrier by blocking 98% of direct sound. SimTek also provides exceptional privacy and security.

Even better, SimTek Fence is maintenance free. It never needs painting or staining and will not warp, fade or crack. It is also easy to remove dirt and grime from a SimTek Fence with a power washer.

SimTek Fence is eco-friendly. SimTek cares about the sustainability of our environment. Both Ecostone and Ecostone Plus use recycled content in their construction.

If you are considering a SimTek Fence, please call us at 610-718-1151. SimTek comes with a superior warranty to give you peace of mind.

<![CDATA[Add Living Space to Your Home]]>Wed, 21 Jun 2017 12:17:47 GMThttp://all-typefence.com/blog/add-living-space-to-your-homePicture
Have you been thinking about adding a deck onto your home, but don’t know if the benefits are worth the money and the labor? Building a deck onto your home can breathe some new life into your backyard.

Building a deck adds property value! If you are planning to sell your house in the future, a well-maintained deck is a strong selling point! The return on the investment of a deck is estimated to be around seventy-two percent. A better return than almost any other home improvement you could possibly do!

Do you like to entertain? Decks are great for having backyard barbecues and summer parties! A deck can make your house the place to be. Building a deck onto your home can ensure that you help create memories for your family and neighbors for years to come.

Building a deck onto your house is the least expensive way to expand your living space without putting on an addition. Your deck can be a place where your family eats, relaxes, even exercises. There is always the option to enclose it with a sunroom or four season room later on to increase your home’s value even more.

Decks are also great for pools or hot tubs. By customizing your deck and using the materials and accessories you like, you can step right outside your backdoor and be in your own piece of paradise. Plants, a fountain, lighting and comfortable furniture all help to add to the appeal of your deck.   

We can help you to design the deck that you’re envisioning.  When it comes to designing your own deck, there is always room for creativity. You can choose custom lighting, custom railings, add benches and planter boxes, and choose from a variety of materials and colors.  

Decks are a great feature for any home. Whether you plan to live in your home forever or sell it soon, a deck is a nice benefit that adds living space. Give us a call to get started on planning your deck!

<![CDATA[Our Referral Program]]>Wed, 07 Jun 2017 20:20:00 GMThttp://all-typefence.com/blog/our-referral-programPicture
Are you a current or previous customer of ours?

Did you know that we have a Family & Friends Referral Program at All Type Fence? 

Here's how it works! It's simple to qualify. Refer a family member, friend, neighbor, or co-worker to All Type Fence. When that person schedules a new project with us (of $2500 or more), they give us your name, and this enters you in our referral program.  When the person's new project is completed and paid for, YOU get a $100 Home Depot gift card!

You can use your gift card for whatever you like at Home Depot. Maybe you have a new do-it-yourself project in the works or you want to add to your landscaping and garden this summer. Our Family & Friends Referral Program rewards you for being one of our loyal customers.

Please contact us for complete program details.

<![CDATA[Free color upgrade on your vinyl fence purchase]]>Fri, 19 May 2017 09:55:39 GMThttp://all-typefence.com/blog/free-color-upgrade-on-your-vinyl-fence-purchasePicture
Get a free color upgrade on your vinyl fence purchase* now through May 31st only! Save NOW on your next fence project! Contact us to book your project by May 31st and get a FREE COLOR UPGRADE on your vinyl fence purchase from The Home Depot with professional installation by All Type Fence.

All Type Fence specialists are experienced professionals. With locations in both Douglassville and King of Prussia, All Type Fence covers most of the Delaware Valley. Call 610-718-1151 or e-mail us to make an appointment today.Visit our website for project ideas!

*Offer is valid with fence purchase of $4000 or more and is valid on a wicker or sand color upgrade up to $500.  Call or e-mail us for additional promotion details.  

<![CDATA[Enhance Your Landscaping with the Right Style of Fence]]>Thu, 27 Apr 2017 16:40:58 GMThttp://all-typefence.com/blog/enhance-your-landscaping-with-the-right-style-of-fencePicture
Great landscaping can be a positive addition to your home but requires a lot of maintenance. Professionally installed fencing can also become an attractive part of a person's yard and is practically maintenance-free! When placed strategically, fences can complement your garden design and your entire outdoor living space to create a beautiful backyard.

Whether a fence is used to secure a part of the yard or just as an attractive decoration, the right fence can truly enhance the look of any home.

When used properly and in conjunction with landscaping, vinyl, wood and aluminum fences provide their own style and appeal. Similarly, privacy enclosures are available in many styles and sizes and make wonderful backdrops and boundaries for landscaping.

When carefully chosen, even just a few fence sections can enhance the look of a garden. Fences add character while supporting the overall exterior design of your property. Decorative barriers are also commonly used to hide or improve the look of other unsightly elements such as weathered and older enclosures or those designed to keep deer and wildlife away.

Privacy fencing is a garden favorite. It is available in a wide variety of woods, as well as maintenance-free vinyl designed to imitate the look of just about every kind of material available. Besides wood and vinyl, many natural materials and decorative metal fences look wonderful when used as part of a yard design.

If you’re considering adding a fence to your property, please give us a call at 610-718-1151. We can help you every step of the way, from planning and design to installation. A professionally installed fence requires much less maintenance than landscaping that includes plants, bushes and foliage.   

<![CDATA[Prepping Your Garden for Spring]]>Thu, 06 Apr 2017 23:29:26 GMThttp://all-typefence.com/blog/prepping-your-garden-for-spring
​Taking time in spring to prep your garden will boost its fertility and growth to give you a more productive gardening season.
A few weeks before you plan to plant (which would ideally be right about now in southeastern Pennsylvania), work in any cover crops and then blanket your garden bed with at least a half-inch layer of good compost.

Compost provides the soil with a fresh infusion of nutrients, and improves the soil’s ability to handle water and nourish crops. If you aren’t already making your own compost, it’s simple and easy to do – here are some simple instructions.

Second, cultivate your soil. Heavy rains can cause soil to become compacted over time, so loosening it before planting should be a priority. If you plan to plant in a young bed where you need to remove rocks or roots, use a shovel or digging fork to turn the soil when it’s dry and crumbly.

In established gardens, it’s much easier to break up the soil. This will prime your garden soil for planting by helping it dry out and warm up, and permit roots to penetrate the soil more easily.

Finally, apply an organic fertilizer to the degree that matches the needs of the crops you plan to plant. Vegetables with shallow roots, like lettuce, only need a small amount of fertilizer.

Widely spaced plants, such as cabbage, broccoli, tomatoes and peppers, need a mixture of fertilizer and compost to each planting hole that you dig.

For very heavy feeders, such as sweet corn, make deep trenches in the beds, and place the fertilizer in the trenches so it will be directly below the germinating seeds. Instead of buying commercial fertilizers, try using a simple organic fertilizer such as grass clippings.

The last, and possibly the most important step to a productive garden, is keeping it safe from rabbits, deer, and other critters that like to munch on vegetables. We can help you plan a sturdy and secure garden fence to protect your veggies from wildlife. Give us a call and we can help you with affordable garden fencing options!
<![CDATA[Winter Storms and Fence Repair]]>Thu, 16 Mar 2017 12:07:14 GMThttp://all-typefence.com/blog/winter-storms-and-fence-repairPicture
Winter storms can damage and even destroy your fence. It could be obvious – your fence is now flat on its back in your yard – or more subtle, such as loose or warped boards that need replacing.

​Quick repair is crucial, as damaged wood is prone to further warping and rot.

If you’re very handy and/or the damage is minor, you may be able to fix the fence yourself. All Type Fence is happy to help if you lack the skills, tools or time for a DIY solution.
If you decide to take on the job yourself, check for damage. Always protect your hands from unexpected nails by wearing work gloves. For wood fences, a coat of high-quality paint can help conceal your repairs after storm damage.

Fences are often covered in homeowner insurance policies in the section called “Other Structures.” Be sure to thoroughly photograph storm damage to document it for the insurance company. If your fence is on a boundary line between two houses, you might share responsibility for the fence with your neighbor so make sure to compare insurance policies.

Sometimes the damage to a fence is so severe that it will cost as much – or even more – to repair it than to replace it. In this case, your answer is obvious. Call us and together we will help you to plan and install a beautiful and sturdy replacement for your fallen fence.

Nature is beyond human control. After you get your fence fixed or replaced, there are steps you can take to minimize future damage. Regularly check for loose or damaged boards and promptly replace them. If branches overhang your fence, trim them right away!

A fence adds not just aesthetic appeal, but also value to your property. It is part of your home’s overall worth, and contributes greatly to its beauty. Your fence is the first thing people see when they visit your house, so make sure it’s looking its best. If winter storms have been hard on your fence, call us at 610-718-1151. We can discuss your best repair or replacement options.