Alcove Pergola

Nothing can beat the warranty on your Alcove pergola. We give you a 20 year guarantee.

Your Alcove pergola will never rot, warp, crack or even turn yellow in the sun, ever!

Are you looking for the perfect shelter for your yard but you don't have tons of space?

Consider the Alcove pegola!

The Alcove pergola is perfectly angled to nestle into any corner of your deck or yard. It's small but also mighty, with 6"X6" posts that provide support.

The Alcove pergola measures 8'X8'X11.3' (2.4mX2.4mX3.4m). Don’t let its size deceive you, this pergola’s shade still offers a generous amount of shade, this one covering 723 sq feet of space (almost 20 sq meters)

Like all vinyl New England Arbors products, the Alcove pergola is absolutely maintenance free. There is no need to sand it, stain it or paint it before you install it. It is ready to go and will look good for a lifetime.

Cleaning is easy! Simple spray with a garden hose!