Nantucket Legacy Arbor

Bringing the past together with the present in a way that’s evocative and radiant. The romantic aspects of life are what the style of the Nantucket Legacy Arbor reflects best.

The Nantucket Legacy Arbor has a timeless design, and perfectly captures the spirit of all that is classic New England. A redesign of our longtime best selling arbor, The Nantucket Legacy is our newest evolution in the Nantucket Arbor family, strides in manufacturing and design, more architectural detail and beautiful three dimensional lattice, have made the Nantucket Legacy is the pinnacle of modern manufacturing and classic design.

  • 4X4 Posts
  • White Vinyl
  • About 3 hour assembly
  • 20 year warranty

Customize your arbors even more with our premium Trim Kits, which include 4 extra ‘boots’ for a larger, more substantial look at the bottom of the posts, as well as 4 trim collars to add an elegant element to the upper portion of the posts.