Spring is the time to think about reopening your pool. Don’t wait until summer to plan your pool fence needs. And, if you’re thinking about buying a pool for the first time, it’s a good time to reach out to All Type Fence to make sure you have a plan for a pool fence that meets your township or borough’s codes.

There are often strict requirements that regulate what kind of fence you can use to enclose your swimming pool. It’s best to check with your municipality before you start your fence project as you will need a proper permit and approval on the type of fence you want to install.

There are three common types of fence used around pools today.  Each type of fence has distinct advantages.

Ornamental Aluminum
Ornamental aluminum is a very popular type of pool fence due to its durability and elegant appearance.  Aluminum fence is extremely durable, low maintenance and relatively inconspicuous. Aluminum fence is a good choice when low maintenance is important and privacy is not required. This type of fence is great at providing unobstructed views.

Vinyl fence is also frequently used around pools.  Vinyl fence comes in many styles and often, for a pool fence, a homeowner opts for solid slats for privacy. Spaced pickets are also an option – especially if you want to be able to see into your pool area from other areas of your yard or your home. Vinyl fences offer great privacy, are low maintenance, are available in both solid and picket styles and available in multiple heights.

Wood fence continues to be popular for pool enclosures. Wood fences can be totally customized by both size/height and style, are usually less expensive then vinyl or aluminum and can be painted or stained in a variety of colors. Wood fences make great privacy fences. Wood fences do require more maintenance then vinyl or aluminum, especially over time.

If you need a pool fence/enclosure, please give us a call. We can help you to select the right fence for your needs and budget, while helping you to ensure that you meet proper codes for pool fences set by your municipality. 610-718-1151

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