How We Work

FREE Estimate

We alway recommend that people start with our free estimate tool. This not only gives you a chance to look at the variety of materials that we have available, it will give you a sense of the price range you are looking at.

Get a Quote

Once you are pretty sure you know what you want, get a free quote tailored exactly to your situation. Our team will work you through all the questions you might have and provide a variety of options for you to consider as you decide what is perfect for you.

Schedule Installation or Delivery

Once we've finalized a quote to fit your specifications and needs, we can schedule you for installation or delivery.

For installation, you can expect a time 4-6 weeks in the future during the spring, summer or fall.

Delivery for DIY projects will be much sooner.


If we are doing the installation for you, you can expect excellent service from our professionals. From measurements to clean-up, our care, craftsmanship, and pride show in every fence we put in.  


After your fence has been installed, we hope that you never need to call us. But if there is a problem, you can give us a call and we'll do our best to address any issues you might have.