Fence Type FAQ

Frequently asked questions about different types of fencing, including decision-making factors, DIY, and custom designs.

Top 10 Fence Factors

1. Primary function: Security Fence, Privacy Fence, Decorative Fencing, Garden Fencing, Pool Fencing, Containing Pets, etc.
2. Material:Aluminum, Vinyl, Wood, Composite, Chain Link
3. Budget: Size of Budget, Financing Options
4. Home/Business:Residential Fences or Commercial Fences
5. Location:Front Yard, Back Yard, Property Line, Open Field, etc.
6. Size: Height and Length
7. Style:Victorian, Traditional, Rustic, Contemporary, etc.
8. Code requirements: Pool Safety, Deed Restriction, etc.
9. Special features: Gates, Arbors, Decks, Patios
10. Installation options: DIY or full-service installation

If you need help on any of these, give us a call!

Fence Type Choices

Wood - Natural & beautiful; from privacy to picket to split rail.

Aluminum - Distinctive, elegant and low maintenance.

Vinyl - Durable, and low maintenance with a wide variety of looks and options.

Chain Link - Classic and low maintenance.

Composite - Long-lived, with an excellent warranty.

Other - If your type of choice is not here, be sure to ask. We build and source nearly any kind of fence you can imagine.

Custom Fencing

We take pride in being able to offer you not only excellent materials, but excellent design services. We are happy to work with you to build the fence of your dreams.

DIY Fencing

Many of our products are available to purchase. If you are a do-it-yourself homeowner or business owner, contact us to explore the wide selection of products we have for your projects!

Before you decide to install your own fence, consider the following:

- Do you have the skills to install it?

- Will you have the time for this project?

- Is there someone to help you during the installation process?

If you are able to answer those questions affirmatively, then you may be on your way to installing your own fence. Contact us or stop by our store to see the many varieties of fence and accessories we have to help you with your project!

Some other things to consider before you install your fence:

- Have you located your property lines?

- Do you know the exact location of any underground utility lines on your property such as water, gas, and power lines?

- What features are most important to you in a fence? Privacy? Security? Ornamental?

- Is the primary purpose of your fence to prevent your dog from escaping or to provide a secure play area for your family?

- Do you have the proper permits required by your municipality prior to installing your fence?

- What type of soil do I have on my property?

All of these questions are important to ask yourself prior to starting a do-it-yourself fence project. Proper planning will help you on your way to a successful fence installation!

If you are installing a fence around a swimming pool, you need to make sure that the fence you choose meets your local municipality and/or county guidelines. You will also need to check with your municipality's guidelines about how far from your property line you must install your fence. If you live in a neighborhood that has a neighborhood/home association, make suree that the style of fence you select complies with the association's guidelines.