Projects FAQ

Frequently asked questions about fence projects, including security, privacy, pool fencing and more.

Security Fences

Fences that provide protection for your property range in size and style. Most security fences are 5' to 6' in height however some fence styles provide security at 3', 4' and 4.5' in height. We carry aluminum and vinyl security fencing by ActiveYards along with composite style fencing, chain link systems and wood. Contact us to go over options that best suit your needs.

Decorative Fencing Purpose

Decorative fences are intended to add style and decoration to your property. Beyond added visual appeal, decorative fences also provide a level of privacy and security for your home or business. Some decorative fences simply help to mark the borders of your yard. Talk to us about your options and we will see if we can help you find the correct balance between appearance and security.

Pool Fencing

Pool fences come in a variety of styles and options. From the beauty of aluminum to the low maintenance of vinyl, the durability of composite, natural feel of wood and classic look of chain link.

When deciding on a style of fence you may want to consider what level of privacy you desire. Aluminum has a classic open feel while vinyl, composite, wood and chain link come in picket style to semiprivate to full privacy.

For a fence to meet pool code in the state of Pennsylvania the height must be 54” or higher and have self-closing key lockable gates. Check with your municipality for regulations that are specific to their ordinances.

Fencing Choices

There are a wide variety of choices to choose from when it comes to fencing your property.

Some things to consider when deciding on the right style for you.

Is your home a corner property? Corner properties in most municipalities are considered to have two front yards and two side yards. Check with your township for full regulations. This can determine what type of fence you are permitted.

What level of privacy are you wanting? Semiprivate fencing provides a partial view and allows air flow while a full privacy fence blocks out the view completly and provides a level of security.

Are you wanting a low maintenance fence? Aluminum, vinyl, composite and chain link are all low maintenance fence materials that provide lasting beauty for years to come.

Do you like the natural beauty of wood? Wood is a classic style that goes with most properties and outdoor decor. Wood products can be stained, painted or left in a natural state. When left untreated wood naturally begins to weather to a grey tone. With a life span of 15-20 years.

Our experienced staff can help you on deciding what type of fence is best for you.

Fences for Family

Whether you are wanting a fence to keep your family pets in the yard or keep your children safe, we have you covered.
Some things to think about on your fence choice.

What is the main purpose of the fence?

Is it for dog safety or to keep the kids in the yard?

Are you wanting privacy or a boundary fence?

What level of protections is desired?
Ask yourself a few questions and then consider the material options. We are always happy to help you think it through to narrow down the styles.