Fencing Projects FAQ

What Security Fencing size options are available? 

Security Fence Sizing

We carry security fencing by ActiveYards brand and it comes in 6’ or 8’ wide panels. Your fence height options include 3-footers, 4-footers, 4-and-a-half-footers, 5-footers, and 6-footers. These security fences are available “off the shelf” at our main All Type Fence location in Douglassville, Pennsylvania.

Does Decorative fencing also provide security & Privacy?

Decorative Fencing Purpose

Decorative fences are intended to add style and decoration to your property. Beyond added visual appeal, decorative fences also provide a level of privacy and security for your home or business. Some decorative fences simply help to mark the borders of your yard. Talk to us about your options and we will see if we can help you find the correct balance between appearance and security. It is likely you will not have to compromise!

How Do I choose a Fence for my pool?

Pool Fencing

Pools fences come in a wide variety of options. You will want first to consider whether your fence is primarily for safety or for decoration. If you are building for safety, then you will want to think carefully about your choice of gates—we have both auto-closing and auto-locking options.

You will also want to decide what level of privacy you desire. While aluminum pool fences are often chosen for their beauty and durability, they are not as private as some wood and composite, or even vinyl options.

Finally, you may want to consider the level of maintenance you are willing to perform. Vinyl and aluminum are both low maintenance options, and with ActiveYard's SolarGuard protection, you won't have to worry about fading or color changes.

How DO I Choose the Best Fence for you My Property?

Fencing Choices

You have a wide variety of choices when it comes to fencing for your property. If you don't know where to begin, we suggest to first check our blog and galleries.

If you need to narrow things down even further, you can use our FREE Estimate tool to see if your choices fit within your budget given where on your property you want to install the fence.

Still need help? Give us a call and one of our experience estimators will help you walk through process of choosing options and getting you quotes for your top choices.

How Do I choose a fence to protect my family?

Fences for Family

Whether you are building a fence to keep your dogs in, or to keep your kids safe, we have you covered.

You will want to decide what material best suits your purposes. Think through the age and stage that each of your family members is at (or WILL be at). Are they an escape risk? Do you need special gate options? How important is privacy.

Ask yourself these questions and then consider your material options. We are always happy to help you think it through if you need a second opinion!