Dog Friendly Fence

Protect Your Pets

Get just what you need to safeguard your dogs whether you've got a brand new puppy or whole pack of furry friends.

Ask us about pet portals for select lines of fences!

  • Extend your home to the outdoors for your fur family
  • Increase your peace of mind
  • Set careful boundaries




    If you're like us, the safety of your fur-family is a huge priority. We have been building beautiful, dog-friendly fences for many years. Get what you need with a safe, long-lasting fence that will keep your dogs (or other pets) safe and secure for years to come!


    Benefit Highlights

    • Boundaries
    • Privacy
    • Protection
    • Peace of Mind
    • Relaxation


    Fences for Dogs


    Whether you are wanting a privacy, picket style or a traditional chain link fence we are guaranteed to have a solution for your needs. Talk with one of our experts about exactly the right solution for fences and gates.

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    We proudly offer fencing solutions from Active Yards.


    ActiveYards' unique, patented design makes sure that each picket locks tightly into place without any gaps. Not only does this provide added seclusion and privacy for your yard, it also helps your fence hold up better against wind and other elements that can potentially damage it. With ActiveYards® fences, strength and security are all in the design.


    ActiveYards® has a whole new way for you to think about aluminum fencing. With a patent-pending construction system called Corigin®, we connect the pickets and rails from the inside, fortifying the core and building a fence that outperforms all other standard fencing.


    The problem with traditional wood fencing has always been that it requires continued maintenance to keep from warping, cracking and fading. ActiveYards' Cambium® technology gives you all of the natural looking beauty of real wood without the need for continued upkeep and maintenance. And since all of our Cambium fencing solutions come with a transferable Limited Lifetime Warranty, you'll never have to worry about expensive repairs. It really is the best of both worlds!


    StayStraight® technology is the exclusively engineered ActiveYards rail system to prevent substantial long term bowing or sagging. The bottom rail of your privacy solution will 'StayStraight' over the lifetime of your fence.