We made it through the winter and spring is officially here! It’s the perfect time to enjoy your outdoor living space. Just think how much more you could enjoy that time outside with family and friends on your brand-new deck. Whether you have a deck that is in need of repair or replacement, or you’ve always dreamed of having a deck addition on your home and don’t know where to start, we can help.

There are big differences between decks and patios. A deck is considered to be an outdoor extension of your living space because they are usually built at the same level as the doorway that leads inside your home. This means you don’t need to navigate steps when leaving your home and going onto your deck.

Patios are built at ground level, which is not always easy to navigate, especially when making food in your kitchen and then carrying it outside for an outdoor meal. Navigating steps to get to your patio while carrying food is not an easy task. Patios also require ongoing maintenance including pulling weeds, cleaning areas that have mildew, and potentially dealing with uneven cement when the ground beneath it changes. And, of course, ultimately, concrete patios will crack. It’s only a matter of time.

Allowing us to build your deck ensures that it is built right the first time. This means it is structurally sturdy, built to code, and is constructed with professional grade materials. We build your deck properly, making sure that the materials have enough expansion and contraction room to accommodate temperature changes.

Decks also provide hidden storage space. If you don’t have a shed or your garage is overflowing, where do you keep your lawn mower, your snowblower and your other outdoor tools? You can add underdeck storage space to store your outdoor equipment, your kids’ outdoor toys and more.  If planned properly, the underdeck space can serve a great purpose instead of remaining a wasted space.  With a patio, you don’t have an option for hidden storage.

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