If you live along a busy road, you probably don’t have much peace and quiet. There are effective ways to block, or at least eliminate, road noise on your property.
Installing a fence is a good start. There are fences available that help to effectively reduce road noise. It’s important to contact your municipality to determine the maximum height you can build a fence. A higher fence will be more effective at reducing the sounds of traffic than a lower fence.
Not only will a fence along your property help to reduce road noise, it will also increase privacy for your yard, so you won’t feel like you are on display to everyone driving past your house. Depending on the size and landscape of your property, a fence may be just the start of the steps to take to help reduce or eliminate road noise at your home.
If your home is situated at the top of a hill or rise, you maybe not be able to build a fence high enough to reduce all traffic noise due to municipality restrictions on fence height. No need to get frustrated. These regulations are in place for a reason. Imagine what your neighborhood would look like if everyone could build fences of any size, height or material. Not a pretty picture, is it?
There is a solution! Your fence is already in place, and now you want to further reduce road noise. Consider investing in trees and shrubs that will help to further reduce, and maybe even eliminate, the distractions from nearby traffic. There aren’t limits on how high trees or shrubs can be, so go big! A fence will help to cut down the majority of noise, but in some situations you need to go beyond the fence.   Consider the immediacy of the need, the budget you have, and whether you need to block just the view, or if noise is the main concern.
There are fast growing trees and shrubs that will make more sense if you need to deal with the noise immediately.  Some plants and trees grow faster than others so research which ones will work best to address your problem.  Is noise the main issue, or do you need to restrict visibility? If noise is the problem, planting thicker trees and shrubs will help to block noise. If you just want to block the view of a busy street, then consider planting shrubs and trees that are not as thick and invasive. If money is an issue, your will find that fully grown trees and shrubs will be more costly than smaller ones. However, if the noise issue is one that needs to be dealt with right away, your best bet is to purchase mature trees and shrubs so you don’t have to wait for a growth period to block noise.
We can help you get started. Give us a call to discuss options to reduce noise along your property. We can give you a free fence estimate and get your project scheduled quickly!

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