Do you love spending time outside your Pennsylvania home? Upgrade your yard with a gorgeous new fence! Read on to learn more about why aluminum fences are safer and better for the environment.

Breathe Easy Knowing That You Chose Aluminum Fencing
When thinking of metal fencing materials, you probably won’t imagine anything close to “eco friendly.” You’d be surprised to know that aluminum fences are actually not bad for the environment.

According to The Aluminum Association, “the use of aluminum helps Installing projects qualify for green building status under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards.” There are many benefits to choosing aluminum fences, but now you can feel even better knowing that your purchase will have a minimal environmental impact.

Aluminum Fencing is Recyclable
While there shouldn’t ever be a need to replace an aluminum fence, there might come a time to dispose of one. When that time comes, you simply break down your fence and take the posts to your local scrap metal recycling center. Aluminum is an easy material to recycle over and over. You might even get money back for recycling your aluminum fence.

Not only is your fence completely recyclable, but it was probably made from recycled materials, too! Aluminum fences are made from recycled aluminum in the process of aluminum extrusion. It’s amazing how much recycling can do to decrease pollution decrease the amount of waste.

Sparing the Trees
Here’s another great thing about making fences out of recycled aluminum: The production process doesn’t require any lumber. Aluminum fences do not require the use of wood to during manufacturing, construction, or installation. Saving tree forests is an obvious benefit to choosing aluminum over the other fencing materials. In theory, more aluminum fences equals more trees in the forest to absorb CO2 and ideally lowering the effects of global warming.

Cambium Wood Grain Effect by ActiveYards
On that note, if you prefer the look of wood grain fencing, check out the Cambium fences by ActiveYards. It’s a vinyl fencing material that looks like real wood but it’s a much more durable and eco-friendly alternative. Cambium comes in a variety of stains and finishes.

Sustainability - Less is More
We all know that our consumerism-driven American culture is out of control. If you want to be a responsible shopper, invest in quality items that are built to last instead of cheap things that quickly become disposable. Choose the most sustainable option. A well-built aluminum fence will last a lifetime and ours are covered under warranty, just in case. It’s always better to repair instead of replacing, whenever it’s possible. The ActiveYards makes it more affordable to do that.
No Chemicals Needed
Aluminum fences don’t need much cleaning or maintenance, let alone harmful chemicals. The only cleaning you’ll need to do is occasionally rinsing with plain water. You might spray your fence off at the beginning of each spring season and that should be enough to keep your fence looking brand new all year. Unlike other types of fences, aluminum fences won’t need to be painted or stained. They also don’t require any sealants, sprays, or pesticides.

On the other hand, wooden fences and iron fences require treatments and cleaning products that pump toxic fumes into the air. It’s better to avoid working with these chemicals and cleaners because they release toxins that are harmful to humans and wildlife, not to mention the ozone layer.

Aluminum Fences are More Affordable
Aluminum fences cost less than different types of metal fences. You'll get the timeless beauty and durability of iron and steel fences for a fraction of the cost when you choose aluminum. You can buy aluminum fencing for around $30 per foot. Other types of metal fencing start at $84/foot (solid steel) and $125/foot (cast iron). The price of aluminum fencing depends on the grade of aluminum, color, and style. Also, plan for installation costs unless you're going to self-install your new fence.

Save Money with DIY Installation Option
Installing a fence is hard work. It usually includes digging holes, pouring concrete, and hours of labor. If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, ActiveYards has a DIY solution for easy-to-install aluminum fences that will save you money.

ActiveYards makes self-installation easier with their EZFence2Go system. Installation guides and videos are offered online to help you with your the journey starting with how to choose a fence and measure your property.

Due to their lightweight construction, self-installation is so much easier with aluminum fences. Self-installation eliminates the cost of professional installation. You also don’t have to be put on an installation waiting list, which is always higher during peak seasons (spring and summer).

Visit Us to Shop for Environmentally Friendly Aluminum Fences
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