Are your neighbors the worst? It’s not like you can make them move. But there is a solution and it’s pretty simple and straightforward. Privacy fence!

Most privacy fences are solid, meaning there is no space between the boards like you see in a picket fence. You can’t see through a privacy fence. This means one thing right off the bat – it can transform your outdoor areas into your own secret hideaway.

Nosy neighbors? When you install a privacy fence, they’ll either have to mind their own business or spy on the neighbors on the other side of their house!  They won’t be able to watch you as you are enjoying your backyard, doing whatever you want with your new privacy.

Whether you’re swimming in your pool, sunbathing on the new deck we just installed for you, entertaining your family and friends at a cookout, or just sitting reading a book, you can now do it in privacy. Ahhh, the peace and relaxation!

A few of the benefits of privacy fence include keeping your pets and your children secure, as well as keeping people off your property. If you have a dog, keeping the neighborhood kids from sticking their hands through your fence minimizes the chances of your dog getting taunted, and removes the possibility of your dog nipping someone’s hand. A privacy fence can also minimize your dog’s barking since he won’t be able to see each person or car passing by. Another added bonus – a privacy fence can help to minimize noise pollution.

Consider a privacy fence for your next project! Give our FREE estimate tool a try or call us at 610-718-1151 for a free estimate on your next outdoor project. You can also visit our showroom to see our products in person.


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