You can build a private haven in your outdoor space and we can help! Fence sections make great privacy panels to add to your outdoor living space and help to separate your yard from your neighbors or from a busy street. 

If you are more of a D-I-Y person, you can also create your own privacy panels using items like plants, canopies or even artwork. You can also use stone walls or garden structures. Privacy panels help to blur the dividing line between outdoor and indoor living spaces.   Whether planning for a cocktail party or planning a weeknight dinner outdoors, privacy panels help to create a sense of defined space for entertaining outside, and build on the fact that homes no longer stop at the back door. Privacy panels can also be used to hide unsightly air conditioning units, trash cans, utility boxes, and recycling bins. Privacy panels can be built in a wide variety of materials, sizes, and colors to suit any space and style. Still not convinced? Just a few reasons you might want to consider adding a privacy screen to your outdoor living space:

1. Privacy screens increase your privacy while you’re outdoors. 
2. An area with a privacy screen can be transformed into a relaxation zone. 
3. A privacy screen can help to create a safer play area for children. 
4. Properly positioned and professionally installed privacy screens can help to raise the overall value of your property. 

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