When you think winter, most likely the first thought in your mind is probably not, “Hey, it’s a great time to call about getting a new fence.”

While winter might not seem like the best choice for a fence or deck installation, there are actually some pretty significant advantages to an install during the colder months.

At All Type Fence, we complete fence and deck installations year-round. A light snowfall or some colder weather for a few days at a time will not impede our work. We have the professional equipment that enables us us to work in most weather and ground conditions.

The process for installing a fence can be easier in winter because many plants are dormant which allows us to access areas of your yard without the worry of damaging new growth, landscaping, and seedlings. Completing a winter installation also means we won’t disrupt your family’s time spent in the pool or relaxing in the yard.

Completion time frames are often shorter in the winter. Fewer customers are scheduling projects which can shorten your wait time. In addition, building materials are generally more readily available in winter as there is less demand for them.

Contact us today to get your winter project started! If you want to make the most of your outdoor living spaces in spring and summer, it makes sense to have your outdoor projects completed before warmer weather arrives.

For more information, or to schedule a free estimate, please call us at 610-718-1151.


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