Chances are, one of your main priorities is the safety and security of your home. There’s no other place where you should feel safer than in your own home. In order to achieve that kind of peace of mind, there are measures you can take. A simple step is to install an automatic driveway gate. A gate will help you to keep unwanted guests off of your property. 

A gate operator is a mechanical device used to open and close a gate, such as one at the end of a driveway. There are two main types of electric gate openers – hydraulic or electromechanical. 

Automatic and electric gate operators are designed for both swinging and sliding gates. They can be programmed to open and close with a wireless transmitter or a manual device. Low voltage automatic gate openers can even be fitted with solar panels to ensure function during loss of electricity.

While an automatic driveway gate's primary purpose is to increase your home security, it also has additional benefits. There are a number of reasons to install an automatic driveway gate:

Home Security - Just the look of an automatic driveway gate helps to deter criminals. A driveway gate creates an imposing presence and tells trespassers that they shouldn't attempt to enter.

Safety of Kids and Pets - Along with the rest of your fencing, an automatic driveway gate will help to keep your kids and pets within a safe area.

Deter Wildlife - If you live in deer country, then you know that they can completely destroy your garden. Along with a perimeter fence on your property, a driveway gate can help to deter a variety of wildlife from roaming onto your property.

Ease of Entry - Automatic driveway gates can be controlled remotely. This makes getting in and out of your property more convenient for you. Automatic gates prevent you from having to get out of your car to manually open a gate. This is a great safety benefit at night, and a great comfort on a frigid winter day. 

Resale Value – If at some point you decide to sell your home, an automatic driveway gate can help to add to your property’s resale value.  Automatic driveway gates are a very attractive feature. They lend a sense of authority to your property and can also be installed in a way that allows it to be smoothly integrated into your property's overall curbside appeal.

There are many styles of gates and gate operators on the market. Make sure that you select the correct model that is right for your property and driveway. The best way to do this is to work with a professional. We offer many options for gates and gate openers. Give us a call to discuss your project and we can provide a free estimate!

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