Fall is now in full swing as evidenced by the cooler weather we’re experiencing. It’s a beautiful time of year to enjoy being outdoors.

It’s also a great time to tackle outdoor projects and maintenance before winter’s weather hits, including caring for your fence.
If you have a wood fence, there’s work to be done. Winter and spring can be especially hard on wood fences because of rain and snow. Water can damage your fence if you don’t take the time to maintain it in the autumn.

Inspect your fence. Know what issues you have to tackle before you begin repairs. The sooner you repair damage, the easier it is to prevent further damage. Take notice of cracks, splits, knots or evidence of warping because it will need to be fixed as soon as possible.

Don’t let your fence get bogged down under debris. During autumn, you will have both leaves and tree limbs to content with. If you are lucky, it is just leaves but limbs are fairly common as well. Clear off any leaves, twigs and branches that have accumulated on (or against) your fence. The added weight can cause your fence to sag or warp.

Don’t forget to check the fence posts. If there is debris, clear it away from the posts. Try your best to keep the ground around your fence as clear as possible. If you don’t, it increases the chances for moisture to build up around your fence support. If the posts start to rot, you will have a damaged (and possibly leaning) fence.

Make sure your fence is waterproof. Water is the number one threat to any wooden fence. Since there will be a lot of moisture during the winter months, seal and waterproof your fence to prevent mildew and rot from setting in.

It’s worth taking the small amount of time needed each fall to maintain your fence. This will keep it in good shape throughout the winter season!

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