Wood Fence

Natural Warmth & Beauty

Our custom wood fences are unbeatable for quality, appearance, and longevity.

  • Countless accessories available
  • A five year limited workmanship warranty included
  • Custom built from red cedar


    There’s nothing like wood for natural warmth and beauty. Our custom wood fences are made with Western Red Cedar. Western Red Cedar should be your only choice when you consider its unbeatable quality, appearance and longevity. The natural oils in cedar help make the wood resistant to decay and insect attack, increasing its durability and weather-ability without the use of chemical treatments. It’s stable, much more so than other woods, so there is minimal shrinkage; your fence will stay straight and sturdy.

    We recommend that you paint, stain or apply a waterproof sealer to your wood fence soon after it’s installed, and every three or four years after that, depending on your climate. Left untreated, wood fencing will weather naturally. With proper maintenance, wood fences will last for years.

    We also have countless accessories guaranteed to suit your needs, including accessories for gates, fencing, and decks. If we don't have it in stock, we will get it for you quickly!

    There is a full selection of wood fence styles available along with custom designs to suit your project.

    Wood Fence Styles:

    • Privacy

    • Picket

    • English Hurdle

    • Split Rail

    • Split Post & Rail with Wire

    • Slip Board

    • Shadow Box

    • Post and Board

    • Lattice Top

    • Stockade

    • Horizontal

    • Custom Designs

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