Build Your Dream Arbor

From flat-topped to classic arches, build the arbor that fits your home and style.

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    What is an arbor?

    An arbor is a frame that includes a frame or trellis that creates an airy tunnel. They can be a stand-alone structure or they can be connected to a fence.

    Why an arbor?

    Arbors are mostly used as a decorative element, however, they can be practical as well if they are helping to connect two parts of your yard. They can be used to direct traffic or they can act as a trellis for any number of climbing plants.

    Everyone’s dream arbor is different. That’s why we build both flat-top and classically inspired arched arbors for any home style.

    What are the typical materials used for arbors?

    Traditionally, arbors are wood or wrought iron. However, you can construct an arbor out of virtually any material. Today, aluminum and vinyl are the popular choices due to their durability and distinctive looks.