Enhance Your Spaces

Add beauty or practicality to your space with an airy pavilion.

  • Custom designed for your purposes
  • Complement your architecture


    What is a pergola?

     A Pergola is a beautiful airy pavilion that will enhance your outdoor living space. From a formal living space in an English garden to the viewing area of a tennis court, these structures can be utilized in a variety of applications. Pergolas are custom designed to add architectural details complementary to their surroundings.

    What types of pergolas are there?

    Pergolas can be free-standing structures or they can be attached to another structure such as a fence or building. Since pergolas provide both shade and structure for climbing plants, they can be an important element for your outdoor space. 

    What are the typical materials used for pergolas?

    Pergolas can be built from nearly any material, although they have traditionally been constructed from wood. Aluminum, iron, and stonework can all be used in building a pergola. You can also include additional elements like shades, screens, or curtains to add a little bit more interest to your pergola.