Winter is just starting and you’re already thinking about spring. If you’re adding a fence to your to-do list for spring, you might want to consider a Western Red Cedar fence. There’s nothing like wood to add natural warmth and beauty to your property. 

Our custom wood fences are made with Western Red Cedar. Western Red Cedar has unbeatable quality, appearance and longevity. The natural oils in cedar help to make the wood resistant to decay and insects, which increases its durability and ability to withstand harsh weather conditions, without the use of chemical treatments. 

Western Red cedar is also very stable, much more so than other woods, so there is minimal shrinkage. Your fence will stay straight and sturdy. 

There really is no substitute for the natural beauty of Western Red Cedar. This type of fence can create beautiful outdoor spaces, enhance your home’s décor, and add to architectural elements of your property. 

Western Red Cedar is versatile. It is ideal for a wide range of beautiful finishes including dark stains, bleaches, traditional solid colors and semi-transparent coatings. 

After your fence is installed, we suggest that you paint, stain or apply a waterproof sealer to your fence. Apply the coating soon after it’s installed and then every couple of years after the initial application. With proper maintenance, wood fences will last for many years. 

A Western Red Cedar fence not only adds beauty to your home, it enhances security and privacy to your property. All of our wood fences include both a product and installation warranty. Ask us for details.

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