The recent drought we’ve been experiencing here in Pennsylvania has affected farm crops, home gardens, and more. Rain is something we often have a shortage of, especially during the warmer months and the growing season.
Right now we have severe cold temperatures and winter weather, so it’s not the time to work on outdoor landscaping projects. On a milder day, here’s a project that you can do outside that will reap benefits for you in the spring!
Most of us rely on tap water to irrigate our gardens and yards. Why not use a natural resource? It helps cut down on expensive water bills, and just plain makes sense. 

Build a rain barrel (or several). Using a rain barrel can save you a ton of money in one growing season. For each inch of rain that falls, you can collect about 300 gallons of water. That’s a lot of water, and a lot of savings for your home's water bill.
There are some great natural irrigation solutions out there and one that is becoming more and more common are rain barrels. Rain barrels are a water collection system that are typically hooked up to a home’s gutter downspouts with the intention of gathering rain water for use on plants, gardens, lawns and anything else that requires watering.
A rain barrel system can be an easy do it yourself project! Here’s a good resource with step-by-step instructions to make your own rain barrel:

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