Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! Hard to believe the holiday season is kicking off. If you’ve been at the local mall, the holiday season started well before Halloween. It seems to get earlier every year. Most of you are probably dragging your Christmas decorations out of the attic or garage over the next couple of days. Before the really cold weather is here, it’s a good idea to get your outdoor decorating out of the way. 

Why not kick your holiday spirits up a notch this year and add decorating your fence to your to-do list? This is your chance to outdo your neighbors this year on your outdoor holiday decorations! Here are some Christmas-themed ideas for decorating your fence….

Traditional: This is probably the simplest way to decorate your fence. Simply drape garlands of holly and a few Christmas wreaths on your fence. This décor will never go out of style. 

Grunge: If you want to give off a vibe that says buying super expensive strings of fancy lights that flash in patterns timed to music is way too mainstream, hit up local yard sales or flea markets and buy lights (any kind will do….no need to make sure they match), many of which are burnt out, and then wrap them around your fence.

Nativity:  If you observe Christmas as the actual holiday that it is, your fence serves as the perfect backdrop. Perch your Bible characters on the fence to create a Nativity scene.

Sleigh Ride:  You’ll need to be handy to pull this off. Get a model of Santa’s sleigh, plus all the reindeer. Then instead of sitting Santa inside the sleigh, position him so that he’s running after it. Use rebar or other sturdy supports and place the sleigh and the reindeer so they look like they are sitting atop your fence and ready for takeoff. Add a funny character into the sleigh’s driver seat…like a garden gnome, an inflatable pool toy like a dolphin or alligator, a Minion, a big stuffed animal…whatever you have on hand. You’ll hear the laughter from inside your house as people see your holiday fence.

Tropical: If it’s freezing outside, and you’d rather be at a place much warmer, consider tropical holiday decorations for your fence.  Top your fence with tiki torches, inflatable palm trees, and stake a plastic blue tarp down in your front yard for your tropical beach scene. Put a Santa Claus out there, lounging in a beach chair, wearing sunglasses. Top off your tropical holiday scene with a beach umbrella. 

TV Junkie:  If you choose to celebrate the holidays in front of the TV, consider a show or movie themed fence……use decorations that feature characters from A Charlie Brown Christmas, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, or maybe even A Christmas Story…Have fun with it!  

Which holiday fence decorations are you going to try this year? Make sure to take lots of pictures and post them on our Facebook page!

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