Easy Steps to Improve Your Home’s Exterior

Are you looking to improve the look of your home’s exterior but don’t want to spend a lot of money? Here are some simple steps that you can do yourself to add to your property’s curb appeal.
Wash and Clean the Exterior: This is one of the most affordable and important things to do to improve the curb appeal of your home.  Not only does cleaning your siding make a big impact, but washing your driveway can improve your home’s looks as well. A pressure washer is your best bet to wash the siding on your home and to clean debris and dirt off your driveway. Just make sure to read the pressure washer instructions before using it so you don’t strip paint off your house!  Pressure washers also work well to clean off paved and stone walkways.
Landscaping: The lawn and outdoor area in front of your home can really add to its appeal and showcase your persona sense of style.  Landscaping can be very affordable if you do it yourself. Watch for good deals and sales.  If you have a lawn in the front of your home invest in some fertilizer and keep it green.
Pruning: After you’ve added to the landscaping of your home by planting trees, flowers and shrubbery, don’t forget to keep everything properly trimmed and pruned (unless you want your yard to look like a jungle). Take time on a regular basis to weed the flowerbeds and trim the shrubs. Keep your lawn mowed and maintained and your outdoor space will add great appeal to the overall look of your home.
Painting: If your house still looks dingy after cleaning and washing the exterior, you may need a new paint job. Hiring a professional painter can be expensive, but you can paint your home yourself. Painting your home can have a huge impact on its overall look and can be very rewarding.  Paint is not always cheap and if painting your whole house is on the list, it may be outside the budget.  If purchasing paint for your entire house is not possible right now, just updating the trim on your home with new paint may be all that is needed. 
Decorations: If you want to do even more to make your home’s outdoor areas an extensive of your personal style, you can add décor.  A porch swing, a park bench, some simple lawn ornaments, a birdbath, statuary in your flowerbeds…all of these things can add nice touches to your property. Simple decorative changes can really add appeal and make a difference.
Lighting: Most of the changes you have made to your home’s exterior will be readily noticeable during the day, but what does your home look like after dark? Strategically placed lighting can show off your hard work. Consider adding some decorative solar lights to your landscaping. They are readily available at home improvement stores n many styles and materials.
There are many ways to improve your property’s curb appeal without breaking the bank.
If you are looking to do even more to improve your outdoor space, contact us. We can give you free estimates and help you to plan a new fence, deck, pergola, arbor, and more!

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