​Fencing may not have been the first item on your list when you planned your garden this past spring. Are you rethinking that decision now?
After deciding on plants and soil, a fence needs to be a priority on your garden list. If you don’t have a proper garden fence, all of your hard work and investment can go to waste.
A fence can keep uninvited visitors out, keep plants safe and provide a supportive backdrop for climbing plants and vines. Garden fencing is also a useful way to define the perimeter of your yard and your garden boundaries. It can also add style to your outdoor landscaping.
There are generally three types of fence used for gardens: open, solid, and living.
Open garden fences are “see-through” so you can easily view your garden and see what’s growing. This gives your yard a more open feel and does not block your view of the outdoors. An open fence can be constructed in a way to keep garden scavengers out, while maintaining an open airy feel. Some examples of open fence include field/horse fencing, cattle panels, picket fencing and chain link.
Solid garden fences give the best in garden protection and overall privacy. There are many solid garden fences that are stylish and can complement your home’s style and design. These fences can be vinyl or wood. Wood fences can work as great support for climbing plants and vegetable, while vinyl will hold up well in all weather conditions and needs little to no maintenance. Some other options for solid garden fence include bamboo screens and garden walls constructed of concrete, brick, or stone.
Living garden fences are made of live plants. This type of fence adds color and beauty to a garden. Common plantings to use for this type of fence include hedges, shrubs, roses and herbs.
Garden fence plans should always be at the top of your planned garden list. Fences provide protection from animals and allow you to showcase your garden and your outdoor decorating style.
Contact us for more information on the many types of garden fence we carry and install, and we’ll provide a free estimate! Make next year’s garden even better, with some planning this year!

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