Garden Planning

March 11, 2021 1 min read

Garden Planning

Now is the time to start planning your outdoor projects for spring if you haven’t started already. This early in the season, you can get a head start on your garden by starting seeds indoors. In this region of Pennsylvania, by mid-May those seedlings will be ready to be planted outdoors after the last chance of frost is long gone.

If you have a garden, now is the perfect opportunity to start planning out a garden fence. How will you keep critters out of your vegetables? A low fence will not keep out deer, although it may help to deter rabbits, groundhogs, and other small animals.

We have many styles of fence that are suitable for a garden. A solid fence is more effective because animals cannot see what is growing. A fence that can be seen through tempts animals to get what’s on the other side.

Before you get started, contact us. We provide free estimates, and we can help you to secure the necessary permits required by your municipality. Call us at 610-718-1151 or text us at 217-394-5670 to get started!