Warm weather isn’t as far away as you might think! And homeowners are preparing now for their summer projects.  After all, summer is the best time to have a fence installed, right? 

Wrong! While the weather is nice, fencing contractors are usually booked solid during this time. Prices may be higher due to the demand. So what can you do?

Well, spring is ONLY three months away! (Yes, it's true!) Fence installation in early spring is a smart move for homeowners. It’s better to have your fence installed in spring rather than summer if you can.

During the spring, contractors are not as busy. It’s not that spring is a slow time for fence installation, but it is definitely slower than summer. It will be easier to schedule your installation and this gives you a much better chance of getting a better deal on pricing.

The weather is ideal in spring for fence installation. In many ways spring weather is actually better than summer for fence projects. Summers can get hot and sudden storms come up, delaying fence projects sometimes for days at a time. While spring does have rain, it does not typically have sudden strong thunderstorms that delay outdoor projects. In springtime, there are fewer weather-related delays.

Here’s yet another great reason to schedule your fence project for early in the spring – your fence will be installed and ready to enjoy before summer is here when you want to have your outdoor picnic and parties. Same thing goes for decks!

Should you wait until spring to call? Absolutely not! We are here at All Type Fence year-round, ready to answer your questions, help you plan your next projects, provide free estimates, and get you into our schedule! Planning ahead and scheduling now for spring will save you both time and money. Call us today for a free estimate at 610-718-1151!

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