We haven’t had an easy winter so far. If you’re lucky, snow, ice and winds have not caused any damage to your fence.

There are some preventive steps you can take right now, in the midst of winter, to protect your fence from damage.

This winter (and yes, it’s cold!), step outside and take a look at your fence. Try to remember to do this weekly, or at least a few times during the winter months.

If you see any overhanging tree branches, trim them. Accumulating snow and ice can bring those branches down onto your fence, and cause major damage. The combined weight of tree branches, snow and ice can dent or crack a vinyl fence, and can split a wood fence.

If you see leaves or other debris on your fence, clean them off. Fallen leaves, twigs and other debris from nature can become wedged between wooden fence boards, and can stain a vinyl fence. Also make sure to clean off any debris that is covering your fence’s concrete footings.

Taking these small maintenance steps on a regular basis can help to prevent costly repairs.

If we do experience a major winter storm, make sure to inspect your fence when it is safe to do so. If you do find any minor or major issues with your fence, please give us a call. We provide free estimates on both fence repairs, and on new projects! 610-718-1151

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