Preparing for an Estimate

If you’re thinking about getting a new fence, here are some things to consider prior to requesting an estimate. The more information you can provide at the start of the process, the more accurate an estimate we can provide for your project. 

1. What is the fence being used for? For example, this fence may be needed to contain a dog (or your children), for privacy, to mark property lines, or to enhance the beauty of your home. 

2. How long is your proposed fence? A guesstimate is often enough information for us to provide a project estimate.  If you really want to get technical, you can go outside out and pace it off (big steps for a mid-sized person are about three feet).

3. Is there a particular style of fence you have in mind? Perhaps you saw a fence in your neighborhood that you really like. Let us know the address…we may have installed it, or at least know which fence you are interested in for your property. You can always snap a quick photo of it and send it to us for reference. If you saw a fence photo online, send us that too. You can also browse our photo gallery on our website.

4. What’s your address? Soil conditions in our region, and your location could impact what type of fence would work best for your property, as well as any special installation that might be needed.  Local municipalities can have very specific restrictions about the height and type of fence that are allow to be installed, as well as special permits that are required.

5. What is your budget? If you have a very limited price range let us know before you choose the most expensive fence we carry.  We can steer you towards something similar in style that is within your target price.

6. What is your landscaping like? Do you have existing landscaping that needs to be incorporated into the fence layout?   Is the fence going in a place with established lawn? You might need to think about getting sprinkler lines moved or repaired. Is the intended fence line within a sprinkler’s spray pattern? Constant watering can shorten the life of a fence and cause wood to quickly fade. 

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