Winter Fence Maintenance

November 10, 2016 2 min read

We haven’t gotten any snow this season…yet! But we all know that there will soon be snow on the way. That’s pretty much a given in this area of Pennsylvania.

Keeping your property’s features like fences, decks, and pergolas in good condition is important before winter weather hits. There are steps you can take now to ensure your property survives the winter season and remains in good shape come spring.

Water Proofing: During warmer months, long-term exposure to heat and sunlight tend to be the biggest factors leading to damage. For obvious reasons, this isn’t the case during winter. Prolonged exposure to the snow’s moisture actually weakens a wood fence. This not only affects the structural integrity, but it puts your fence material at risk for mold, mildew and eventually rot. That’s why you’ll need a waterproof fence stain for optimal fence maintenance.
Changing Temperatures: Living in Pennsylvania, our winters can be extreme. Heavy snow combined with rapid changes in temperature can affect your fence. This causes fence materials to expand and contract. This can even cause knots to fall out leaving your wood fence full of holes. If left unaddressed your fence can be susceptible to rot and wood eating insects.
Constant Check Ups: The best line of defense for fence maintenance is to regularly check your fence during the winter season – especially after storms. Look for damage or imperfections so you can fix them before they get worse. In addition, moisture from snow can seep into the soil and form sinkholes or shifts that could impact the fence’s support posts. Always check your fence to address any issues before they get too expensive to fix.

Routine Cleaning: On a regular basis, clean your fence from any leaves or other organic matter that has settled into your rails or is between boards. Debris actually blocks airflow in the wood. This traps moisture, causing damage to your fence.

Cleaning Cement Footings: Clear cement footings from debris and dirt. Cement can trap moisture, causing it to crack. This can affect the strength of the fence and could require repair.
Good fence maintenance is as easy as taking a few minutes to do a quick inspection of your fence and take note or fix any issues. Please give us a call if you have a question about a fence repair. We can answer your questions and can help with repairs if needed.