So far this season we’ve been pretty lucky! Aside from a few snowflakes here and there, we really haven’t experienced much winter weather (other than the cold temps) here in southeastern Pennsylvania. Tonight and this weekend, a major winter storm is predicted to hit our area. If you have a fence, there are some steps to take to minimize the chance of suffering snow and wind damage to your fence during the storm.

If we get heavy snow and drifting snow, chances are you will have to use a snow blower or plow to remove the snow from your walkways, sidewalks, and driveways. When removing snow, make sure that you don’t pile it up against your fence.

Clearing snow improperly can cause serious damage to your fence, costing you money and aggravation. A few tips to protect your investment:
  • If you are using a snow blower, first of all – kudos to you for owning one! Secondly make sure that you blow the snow away from your fence, never toward it. Snow blowers can throw snow and ice with a lot of force, and if it hits your fence it could damage your fence panels. You also do not want to pile snow up against your fence as it can cause pressure against it, loosening posts and panels.
  • If snow piles get too high along your fence, you may have to remove some or all of the snow piles that have drifted against the fence, as the extra added weight can cause damage. Keep in mind that the storm we are going to experience may also carry very high winds, causing blowing and drifting snow. And guess where the snow will drift? Most likely right up against your fence!
  • If you have a plow, do not plow snow to be piled inside your fence perimeter. Instead, designate a safe place to pile the snow as it is removed, at least 15-20 feet away from (and outside of) your fence line.
  • If you are hiring a contractor to plow your driveway, talk to them before they start. Make sure they are aware of your concerns about your fence and show them where your fence line is if it is covered by snow and not completely visible.
  • Establish a specific area where snow should be piled during the plowing process. Making sure that it is at least 15-20 feet away from your fence ensures that there will still be room to pile more snow if we experience additional snow storms this winter.  
Prevention is the best way to protect your fence during winter storms. If you do unfortunately have snow or wind damage to your fence, give us a call. We can give you a free estimate on a repair. 

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