Winter storms can damage and even destroy your fence. It could be obvious – your fence is now flat on its back in your yard – or more subtle, such as loose or warped boards that need replacing.

​Quick repair is crucial, as damaged wood is prone to further warping and rot.

If you’re very handy and/or the damage is minor, you may be able to fix the fence yourself. All Type Fence is happy to help if you lack the skills, tools or time for a DIY solution.
If you decide to take on the job yourself, check for damage. Always protect your hands from unexpected nails by wearing work gloves. For wood fences, a coat of high-quality paint can help conceal your repairs after storm damage.

Fences are often covered in homeowner insurance policies in the section called “Other Structures.” Be sure to thoroughly photograph storm damage to document it for the insurance company. If your fence is on a boundary line between two houses, you might share responsibility for the fence with your neighbor so make sure to compare insurance policies.

Sometimes the damage to a fence is so severe that it will cost as much – or even more – to repair it than to replace it. In this case, your answer is obvious. Call us and together we will help you to plan and install a beautiful and sturdy replacement for your fallen fence.

Nature is beyond human control. After you get your fence fixed or replaced, there are steps you can take to minimize future damage. Regularly check for loose or damaged boards and promptly replace them. If branches overhang your fence, trim them right away!

A fence adds not just aesthetic appeal, but also value to your property. It is part of your home’s overall worth, and contributes greatly to its beauty. Your fence is the first thing people see when they visit your house, so make sure it’s looking its best. If winter storms have been hard on your fence, call us at 610-718-1151. We can discuss your best repair or replacement options.

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