A pool fence serves as a protective barrier. It keeps children, pets and wild animals out of your pool. The primary reason parents install a pool fence is to protect their children from going in their pool unattended. Protect your children, and the children in your neighborhood, by installing a strong fence that they can’t climb.

Unlike your children, your dogs are swimmers from a young age. Why would you need to keep them out of the pool? Animal fur can clog your pool’s filter and drain. Animal paws can drag all sorts of dirt and debris into the pool water too. You’ll save yourself a lot of cleanups (and potentially costly repairs) if you install a fence around your pool.

Your pets are not the only animals that can cause problems with your swimming pool. Wild animals can get into your pool easily without a fence to serve as a barrier. Not only can wild animals bring disease and bacteria into the pool water, many of these animals can’t swim. That’s not a surprise you want when you’re getting ready to go swimming.

A fence around your pool can also protect it from vandals or people looking to jump in the pool while you’re away.

In many municipalities, a swimming pool requires a fence around it. The regulations can be pretty specific, such as the height and type of fence that is required. We can help you to determine what is required in your community.

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