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Long-term solutions customised to meet your needs.

  • Strength & Safety
  • Distinctive appearance
  • Wide variety of styles


    Railing is an essential part of any outside stairwell, porch, deck, or landing.

    Whether you are attracted to a sleek modern design or to a traditional ornamental finish the main priority is strength, durability, and safety.

    The iron railing of yesterday has been replaced with the new low maintenance material of vinyl and aluminum. The newest material meets all standards in the industry in strength and longevity.

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    We proudly offer fencing solutions from Active Yards.

    SolarGuard SolarGuard®

    GreenBrier Haven Series 3
    ActiveYards' advanced technology protects it from the sun's harmful rays so the color you choose today will keep a bright, like-new finish for seasons to come. The color and look of your fence should complement the natural beauty of the landscape that you've worked so hard to achieve. In order to maintain that beauty, every fence we make is infused with our exclusive SolarGuard® color retention technology, which helps protect it from the harmful rays of the sun.


    ActiveYards® has a whole new way for you to think about aluminum fencing. With a patent-pending construction system called Corigin®, we connect the pickets and rails from the inside, fortifying the core and building a fence that outperforms all other standard fencing.